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The important moment has come...


...and you have finally started preparing your own wedding! You have been dreaming about it, you have pictured it and it is time for you to plan it. Everything is almost ready and organized in detail!

But still...

What will keep those memories alive for a lifetime?

What will stay unaltered through time as a cherished memory?


The photographs! They will depict the moments of the happiest day of your life!


*Contemporary equipment and studio flash are used for the shooting. It includes the photo coverage of the ceremony at the church and the artistic photographs of the couple that follow, and also the coverage of the shooting at the reception.

There is also possibility for outdoor photography the next day of the wedding.


*We hand you a binded photobook with all the shots edited, including photographs with discretionary effects. The only thing we want from you is your most beautiful smile!


*Classic artistic albums with rice paper, as well as beautiful digital albums are available, to keep your most beautiful moments of your life alive.


The choice... is yours!